Bye Bye Baby Blog

13-Week-UltrasoundOur little peanut has turned into a baby! We had our first trimester scan yesterday (on the last day of the first trimester). We’re officially in the second trimester, which means it was time to announce this little baby to the world. This means we will no longer be blogging here. You can now find all baby related posts on our personal blog: The Oregon Tale. If you’d like an update each time we post, just enter your email address on the right side (of the other blog).

We’ve loved sharing this with all of you, and we’re so excited about the next 6 months!

**PS, the ultrasound was so amazing. Baby is moving A LOT. We got to see her/him moving all around, flipping, and moving his/her hands & feet. So amazing. All organs are inside the body & everything looks normal as far as the Downs Syndrome scan went. We are feeling so blessed.


Back Into The Groove

After a month of family visits, and a trip back to the midwest, I’m realizing it’s now BABY TIME! The next several months are all about baby … making sure we’re gearing our life in that direction. We still have plenty of ‘us’ time, and I am so excited about the rest of the summer.

For those of you who didn’t see it on Facebook: WE GOT OUR HOUSE!! It’s a 1908 craftsman bungalow in our favorite neighborhood (Alberta). It’s in the heart of the district with no shortage of restaurants/bars, shops, young families, and so much to do. The house itself is two bedrooms, 1,200 sqft. on the mainfloor, and there’s a 1,200 sqft. basement (partially finished). The backyard is a dream: raised planter boxes, a custom (awesome) fence with flower boxes galore, garden beds, room for a chicken coop, fruit trees, and plenty of grass areas for the pups to run. The inside is complete with original woodwork and light fixtures … we were so excited when we got the good news. I cannot wait to make it our home. We’re a little unsure of the exact move date, but we will most-definitely be in the house by the 25th. 24 more days in this space … for me, it couldn’t go fast enough. I am crossing my fingers that my nesting instincts kick in early in the second trimester … this way, we can get our new house settled quickly: spending the rest of the summer/fall enjoying our life as two, and preparing for life as three.

In other baby news, our first trimester screen is today. We’ll be having an ultrasound to ensure baby is growing & to detect any chromosomal disorders (we are not in the risk category, but it’s very important to us to get all of the information we can), and a blood test which will confirm the results of the ultrasound. We are so excited to see our little one again … last time, his/her arms & legs hadn’t even started to bud yet. This time, we’re expecting to see a tiny version of a fully formed baby. Right now, we’re in that weird “when does the second trimester start” phase. If you divide 40 weeks by 3, then, the second trimester starts at 13 weeks + 3 days. I think to keep it simple, I’m going to say it starts after week 13 … this means I’m in the very last week of my first trimester. WOW!

Our trip to Indianapolis was pretty amazing. We were able to visit our family, and tell the grandparents about the baby. They were all very excited to be great-grandparents. If all goes well with the ultrasound today, we are planning on announcing the baby tomorrow. It seems so weird, but I’ve really enjoyed keeping it to ourselves (or in our little ‘baby circle’) over the past 13 weeks … I am sure it will feel amazing to share the news, and we are so thrilled that we can finally talk about it!

I don’t think I’ll have a chance to write my week 12 update … basically, we traveled, I dry-heaved, puked twice, loved seeing family, and baby seems to be growing! I’ll definitely be back for week 13, and I hope to have photos!!


Our Baby :: Week 12

Weekly-Baby-Size-Chart-12WEEK 12 //

  • Oh goodness … Only one more week until we’re out of the first trimester. Knowing this adventure is already a third over is crazy.
  • As soon as I think I’m getting my energy back, I have a majorly tiring day … Fingers crossed it comes back soon. I am so over being tired all of the time.
  • Yes, still throwing up. Gagging A LOT. We can’t talk about much without me requesting a subject change.
  • We leave for Indiana tomorrow. We’re SO excited to see our family. We still haven’t told the grandparents (well, they will be baby’s great-grandparents). We’re excited to share the news while we’re home.
  • I had the strangest sensation in my abdomen over the weekend. It happened twice … almost like my phone was vibrating on my stomach, but only lasted a second or so. Maybe it’s the beginnings of feeling baby? My uterus is tilted forward, which explains the bump, so maybe it’s also meaning I can feel baby.
  • The day we get back from our Indiana trip, we’ll be getting our first trimester screen. We are so excited to see this little one moving around. It’ll look way more like a baby this time! No more peanut.
  • We heard the heartbeat again during week 12. This time, we got to hear it together … so amazing.
  • We bought our first baby outfit. It’s the cutest little unisex outfit. I find the gender neutral clothing more appealing, so I’m happy we’re going this route.
  • No word on the housing situation yet. We were supposed to hear back yesterday, but we’re getting a lesson in patience (as if we needed another). We’ll update once we have news.


  • Baby is now almost entirely formed. Now s/he just has to grow!
  • This week s/he’s the size of a plum, and just over two inches from head to rump.
  • Baby is moving a lot more, and starting to flex her arms, legs, fingers and toes.



Names, names, names …

Now that we’re nearing the end of the first trimester, the idea of picking a name for our baby seems more appropriate. Over the past few years, there have been names that we’ve loved (which are still in the running), and names that we thought we loved (which I really don’t like anymore). We are totally going to be those people, and make everyone wait until the baby is born to share his/her name. After all, we have no idea whether we’re having a boy or girl, and since we won’t find out until January, it seems like a good idea to wait until then to finalize the name, too.

But, with that said, there are a ton of names that we’ve been considering. Most conversations about baby’s name go something like this:

Me: “What about Isla?”

Jimmy: “Ew!”

Me: “What about Celia?”

Jimmy: “Nope!”

Me: “What about Lula? Penny? June? Olive? Poppy? Ruby?”

Jimmy: “No, and I think we’re done talking about that tonight!”

As you’ll see, the conversations are almost always centered around the girl names. We have three favorites for a boy (and no, we aren’t telling), and honestly, if we had a boy, it would be a matter of meeting him to see which name we thought fit the best. I can tell you, there were a few boy names we both love, but we figured three favorites would be enough. So, these are great, but not for baby #1: Simon, Ira, August, Jack, and Oliver. Strong contenders, but the other names are even more awesome!

We have a short (very short) list for girl names, but I have a feeling it’s going to take us a long time to agree on our favorite three. The girl names above are cute, and we like them (well, I like them), but most of them are too trendy … we don’t want a name like Charlotte, Ava, or Lucy (all of which are BEAUTIFUL names (seriously, they were all on my list), but they are at the very top of the popularity list, and those girls will have so many kids at school with the same name). I grew up never knowing a person with my name … and Jimmy grew up knowing lots of Jim’s. We’re hoping to find a name in the middle.

Lastly, we shared a few names with family/friends, and got odd responses. So, from this point on, we really aren’t sharing the names we’re considering. It stings a bit when you tell someone the name you’re thinking of for your baby, and they give you a luke-warm response to it. Once the baby is here, and has his/her name, people will be more receptive. For now, if you ask, we’ll tell you that we’re naming the baby “Javyn” … a mix of our names (I am sure that’s a real name, but man, that would be awful).

On a different note: we have an appointment with our OB/GYN today (probably the last one before we transfer to the midwives), and we’ll get to hear baby’s heartbeat again!! WOOHOO!! Annnnnnnddddd, we toured the perfect house on Tuesday evening. We have to wait until Sunday to hear if the owners are going to pick us (we were the first to apply). We think we’re perfect renters (perfect residential history (we’ve owned and rented with no missed payments/issues), perfect credit, we’re responsible, we love taking care of the place we live, we’re young professionals, we have money in savings, etc.). The only issue would be the dogs, but it sounds like as long as we agree to having some extra rugs, they are totally fine with it. So, please say a prayer, cross your fingers, and hope that this will be the place we’ll meet our baby! <- Oh yeah, I think we decided we’re doing a home birth!! Obviously, we’ll share much more on that in a bit.


Our Baby :: Week 11

Weekly-Baby-Size-Chart-11WEEK 11//

  • I threw up again. I thought I’d just get that one out of the way in the beginning. I was cooking dinner, opened a can of black beans … and the rest is history! 
  • I am having a lot of fun with my reappearing/disappearing bump. It’s small, but it’s proof that baby is growing.
  • We got to hear baby’s heartbeat. It was amazing!
  • My nausea is still there, and the fatigue is back. I’ve decided I just need to get out & move (even without a single ounce of motivation). It’ll be better in the end.
  • We’ll meet with our OB/GYN next week to talk about birth options. I have a feeling this will be our last visit. I do like my OB/GYN, but I think having a totally natural birth with her practice will be harder than I’d like it to be. She doesn’t offer any water labor or birth.
  • We are dipping our toes back into the idea of renting for another year. We have a potential house that we’ll be checking out this week, and our fingers are crossed that it’s as amazing as it seems.


  • Baby is about 2 inches long, or the size of a fig.
  • Her/his vital organs are now formed, and the next several weeks are all about growing, growing, and growing.
  • Baby is getting fingernail beds and nails are forming. Oh, those little fingers & toes!

Okay, and I think this ‘bump’ looks extra bumpy because of this dress, but I thought you’d enjoy it!



Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Today, we heard your tiny heart beating for the very first time. *** If you click that link, you can hear baby’s heartbeat!*** My heart just about exploded when I heard the rapid thumping coming from within my belly. Your dad was at work for this impromtu appointment, but he’ll be there with me on Thursday when we’ll get to hear you again. I was so very happy your Aunt Haley was there to hear your heart beating. Since I was there to hear her tiny heart (14 years ago), it feels like things are coming full-circle.

Even though we saw your little heart beating a few weeks ago, there was something so much more fulfilling about hearing it. It felt like we’ve been doing the right things over the past 11 weeks … keeping you healthy and on a pattern of growth. Now that my belly is growing a bit, and I’ve heard (and seen) you, it’s all feeling more real. And, with that realness, I’m feeling so much more calm about this whole journey. I’ve bought some new books to read … books that will help me keep on track with this natural pregnancy/birth, and one to help us decide what kind of birth plan we’re hoping to achieve. We’re still figuring out our housing situation. We found a beautiful home from the early 1900’s that I could see us bringing you into. It’s a rental, and you know what? I’m perfectly content with the idea of renting for another year. Given all we have to ‘worry’ about these days, you are pretty much the only thing worth putting our energy into. Everything else will work the way it’s meant to.

I am so excited for Thursday, when we’ll get to hear your heart beating again … I imagine your dad will be happier than a bird with a french fry. Until then … keep growing strong.




A Tiny Bump

10 Week BumpSo, the funny thing about my first trimester: I’ve been losing weight, and for the first several weeks, my belly was flatter than ever (which was pretty nice). Suddenly, during week 11, I noticed some roundness in my belly, and it occurred to me that I was seeing the beginnings of my little bump. I thought you’d enjoy my first bump photo. At the end of this week, baby will be the size of a lime, and my womb will be about the size of a large grapefruit (which explains why my belly has started to ‘bump’ a bit. We’re starting our official bump photos this Sunday, and I cannot wait to watch the progress over the next 7 months!